FICO® Big Data Analyzer

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Discover insights from Big Data on Hadoop

FICO® Big Data Analyzer is the purpose-built analytics environment for business users, analysts and data scientists to gain valuable insights from the exploration and analysis of any type and size of data on Hadoop. Making Big Data accessible, masking Hadoop complexity, it allows all users to drive business value from any data.

FICO Big Data Analyzer makes it possible to explore and discover insights from data of any shape and velocity to power greater innovation and better decisions.

Download this Product Sheet to learn how the power of FICO® Big Data Analyzer provides distinct and unique value in myriad ways, including:

  • Accelerates adoption of Big Data use
  • Maximizes the value of all analytic assets
  • Lowers total cost of Hadoop ownership
  • Simplifies sophisticated data exploration
  • Drives business decisions and optimizes applications
  • Supports team and project-based collaboration
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