Reach New Customers with the FICO Analytic Cloud Marketplace

The FICO Analytic Cloud Marketplace is a one stop shop to easily develop, market, distribute and sell analytic components, applications or solutions. Whether you're a partner looking to extend the market opportunity for analytic solutions or simply be part of the analytic decisioning ecosystem - you will reach a customer base looking to improve business results through advanced analytics, big data, and decision science.

For all Publishers, the FICO Analytic Cloud Marketplace provides:

  • Access to FICO customers – business users who understand advanced analytics and decision management
  • An extension of your sales force
  • The FICO Solution Stack to build, integrate with or complement your IP
  • An open network of complementary solutions
  • A curated market that is audience focused, to present your solutions in easy-to-understand ways
  • Robust capabilities to offer trials, set prices and fulfill


Data drives Analytics and Decisioning. We are looking for vendors that sell data for modeling and research, or for decisions via database appends or on-demand in real time.

FICO Analytic Cloud provides easy ways to connect with our customers’ decisioning, modeling and data visualization solutions available on the FICO Analytic Cloud.

FICO Solutions

You can reach customers of FICO decisioning Solutions for technology that is complementary to, or can be integrated with the Solutions.

If you can build your solution or contribute it to the FICO Solution Stack, then your technologies can be more easily integrated with any Ready-Built or Custom Solution.

New Solutions

Developers using the FICO Solution Stack can sell their products or solution accelerators in the FICO Analytic Cloud Marketplace.

These solutions can be components to be integrated by others in broader solutions, like a scoring algorithm, report dashboard, or optimization solution, or they can be fully built applications integrating several components.

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